Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kentucky Changers

This week some delightful young ladies and their adult leaders have been at my home putting up a new deck. These girls are from 12 to 17 or so. They are learning how do do this work and are doing a fantastic job.
Yesterday, they were so busy trying to take out a concrete stoop and the concrete steps that led up to my door. You know, we sing the song On Christ the solid rock I stand. Let me tell you it must have been my steps. The used sledge hammers. No luck on the steps. They got an electric jackhammer. One step removed and a partial removal of the second step. All of this from about 10 A.M. to quitting time at 3;00 P.M.

Today they were told that they would have to get the step removed to allow a post to be put on the corner of the house and they accomplished the task after my brother brought over a drill with a concrete bit and drilled some holes in that second step. The corner post is in place and the frame and joists are up. It has been a wonderful experience to see these young ladies work and lead in the devotionals at lunch.
Today's devotional was taken from James 3:6. Attitudes was the title. The young lady who led the group is just 14 years old. Marvelous insight into how our attitudes need to be positive and our tongues held to the highest standards of speaking positive thoughts. God bless you ladies as you serve the Lord with your volunteer work with Ky. Changers

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Selling for school

Why can the school not provide enough money for our kiddos to experience things fun activites without it costing us an arm and a leg? My GS sold a product to help with a graduation bash for after graduation at his school. He picked up his product bag and when he got home he discovered that he had not gotten all he the things he had sold. We have been trying to reach the sponsor for 2 1/2 months about this fact. I gave my phone number to the school office and requested that the teacher contact me about this problem. No word, nada, nothing. Common courtesy would suggest that at least I deserved a phone call to discuss the problem. This has been an ongoing mess since the middle of March.

Well yesterday I had to see the assistant principle who works with seniors. He took my name and phone number and I thought just another run around. He promised to check out the problem and see how it should be handled. I told him that it should be either the 4 gift certificates or my 24 dollars. That was the only solution I would accept.

Was I upset? You betcha, I was upset. I don't generally make a ruckus unless I feel like I am right about a problem. Well, about 2:30 0r 3 I got a phone call form the AP and will be receiving a check in the mail for the 24 dollars. Why did I pursue this for such a small amount? It is not easy to live on a fixed income these days. Why did I have to get really mad for them to take care of this problem? I guess they thought I would just go away and let that money be a donation to the seniors. Please teachers extend us the courtesy of at least a call back to address a problem. Don't let it carry on for 10 weeks. Don't talk to the kid who sold a product. I was the complaintent not my GS.

Thank you AP for taking care of this for me. The teacher should have called.