Saturday, December 31, 2011

As 2011 ends, my wish for all of us is for peace on earth, jobs for everyone, shelter and all the things that are needed to keep us safe, dry, warm and well fed.

Be sure to follow God's path for you and will be comforted, blessed and your life will be filled with blessings. My life has been richly blessed with my three children, my 11 grandchildren, at least 5 great grand children and 3 great great grandchildren.
How much fuller can any ones life get. I love Jesus. He who had to die for us to be able to live with Him in enternity.



Thursday, December 22, 2011

42 years ago today

42 years ago this morning at 3 something, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl. We named her Kathryn Anne and she has been a blessing in our family ever since. My prayer at her birth was for happiness in her life and health and good fortune. Little did I know when I prayed for health for her that we would spend the first 3 years of her life battling one thing after another with her health. However when we had her tonsils out at age three all that changed and she has been quite health since then.

Happiness shines in her face everyday as she loves her family, her job and every thing and everyone she comes in contact with. I have watched as she grew up into the fine Christian young lady she has become and thank God every day for the testimony her life shows every minute. So today on her birthday I wish her the best of life and that today will hold blessings from above and fun with her family and friends. God bless you Kathy and thanks for making our family coomplete. Love you bunches.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I was doing 47 years ago today

Can you remember what you were doing 47 years ago today? I can because I was waiting for the most precious gift I have ever received, other than my Salvation from Jesus Christ. This day 47 years ago my long desire to be a mother was realized with the birth of my oldest child.

Let me tell you a little about her. She was born at 5:37 in the evening, a red squalling bundle of joy. As I held her for the first time my prayer was Lord please help me not mess her up. Help me to teach her Your love. And you know somehow she learned it. She has become the most dedicated Christian young lady.

She was oh so active as she was growing up, didn't want to sleep, always into something. She got into the fridge when she was two and got out the large jar of mayo and dropped it on her big toe. I thought she was asleep.

We put her to bed one night and she danced, took apart the bed clothes, did or tried to do head stands so we decided to see just how long she would stay up. I finally had to make her go to sleep at 2 AM. She did not like that at all. Is she still like that? I don't know but we never had a dull moment with her around.

So today I want to wish her a very happy birthday. S. you have been a good daughter, sister, aunt, mother, and wife. God surely blessed me and your dad the day you were born and I thank God every day that you were the one who made me a mother.

So..... hopw your day is filled with blessings from above and fun with family and friends. Wish I could be there with you in person. Just know I am there with you in spirit.

Now I will leave you with a little poem we used to say at church when we had birthdays.

Many happy returns an the day of thy birth
Many seasons of Joy be given and may the dear Father
prepare thee on earth for a beautiful birthday in heaven.

He has done that.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time flies when you..........?

I just did not realize that it has been such a long time since I have posted something. We have been very busy with two graduations, minor surgery, physical therapy and more. My youngest Arkansas grandchild graduated on May 19 and I was fortunate to be able to attend her ceremony. Sha has grown into such a lovely young lady and is quite the artist. I love to see her work. She will start her journey into life by attending SAU in Magnolia this year on her way to becoming a vet. She absolutely loves anumals.

On May 27th, M who lives with me graduated also. I don't know what he wants to do with the rest of his life but he is smart enough to get it right eventually. Right now I don't know what he will wind up doing.

The next grand child to graduate will be in ten years. Long time in between.

The Lexington grandchildren will be several miles closer to me as S. the dad has just started a new job here in Louisville and they need to be closer to his work. It will be great to be able to see them more often. I am praying for my two little ones so they can make the transition easily. It is great for me to have them closer but they are leaving the onky home they have ever known since they came home from China.

I will leave you with a saying from H. She looked at her mother and said " didid you know Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bobby are still alive? They are mom. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

musical car

Today we have a big juggling of schedules. I have to be at the hospital at 8, M has to be at the courthouse at 10 for jury duty and B, my son has 2 dr. appointment one @12 and 1@1. It was a mad house here for a little while until we got the whole deal figured out.

Can you believe a 19 year old was picked for jury duty? It blew our minds when he got the summons. He has been very diligent about calling in to see if he needs to go and his number was called for today. I will be glad when he and his dad can find a vehicle for M to drive.

Pray for him as he is waiting to see if he will have to serve. God bless you all and hope you all had a happy Easter as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. He is risen, He is risen indeed

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today has been one of the longest days ever. It seems like it should bepast midnight and it isn't even 12 yet. Was busy today with friendship International. Showing ladies how to make a project and having a mistake that you couldn't find is very frustrating. One of the young ladies was making a ripple poncho and we had too many stiches left over at the end of the row. We counted, looked and recounted befor we realized the mistake was at the very beginning and had to rip out two rows of work. When we finally got the count right the project looked right and when we go back next Wednesday, I know that M will have the ponco completed.

I have decided to make some baby booties and have just started the first lacy bootie. I have been trying to make this bootie since the first of the year and have not been successful. However, I am going to make these booties and they will look neat. Thanks for reading if anyone is reading this. Just random thoughts tonight. Bed is calling so off I go.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just trying to post daily

You know, ducks have it made here in Kentucky. It has rained. It is raining. It will rain. Rain is good Lord, but could we get a little sunshine in between the drops. My drive in front looks like a lake and we are having to park in the yard most of the time because of the water.

I know that this summer I will be looking forward to some rain when it is so hot. Let's just spread it out over the months instead of days at a time. My lilac bush is leafed out and has grown tio about 1 1/2 feet tall. I got this bush for Miother's day in '06. It was accidently cut down that summer. It has been my special project to see this bush grow again to the hieght it was when it was set out. It still has a way to go but I think it is going to make it now. I can't wait to smell the fragrance of lilacs out side my living room windows.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trying to keep up

I have really let this blog go for awhile. So there is a lot of info to let you know. First my sister had open heart surgery March 4 and came through it beautifully. She is coming back to Louisville today to have blood work drawn and to see doctors Tues. and wed.

I had a blessed visit with the youngest child this past week and really enjoyed the time spent with Lexington grandkids. They are so precious. J is growing up so fast. She is no longer a baby. At 8 she is long legged and into sports. She loves basketball and school. She is reading on a fourth grade level in the second grade. Her Math skills sre up there too. She just gets it. Now H is going to be another story. She is just starting to want to read. She seems to love to write. While I was there she filled a page of paper with a story she copied but that is the beginning of learning writing skills.

Just loved being with them.

My youngest Arkansas grandchild will graduate May 19 and I am hoping to get to go. I want to drive so tomorrow I will wee if my doctor will allow it. I have ,so far, been to every one of the grandchildren's graduation exercises.

Then May 27th the Grandson here will graduate. That leaves only two and they will graduate in 10 years and 13 years. Just some musings from my heart today and so I will leave as life calls me to be about the business of living today. God bless you all

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. What a wonderful way to greet the new day God has given you. Be glad for the new day and show that you are rejoicing. My prayer is that I will be able to show others my love for the Lord. I have decided tro greet each new day with joy and lean on my Lord to supply the strength to manage what ever comes my way. I also want to voice things that I am thankful for, so on day one of the new me I am thankful first of all for a loving God who sent His son to die on the cross for my sins. Wow!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

de javu

Well he is back. He was only gone about 1 month before he came back home. I do not want to leave the impression that he is not wanted here because that is so far from the truth. He is welcome anytime. i just want the open door to close except for visits. Is that so wrong? I hope not.

He is here and I don't know for how long. But, welcome home M. welcome home. Glad you are o.k.

de javu

Well he is back. He was only gone about 1 month before he came back home. I do not want to leave the impression that he is not wanted here because that is so far from the truth. He is welcome anytime. i just want the open door to close except for visits. Is that so wrong? I hope not.

He is here and I don't know for how long. But, welcome home M. welcome home. Glad you are o.k.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We are once again getting hit with snow. The forecast last night was for 1 inch or less. The line moved about 20 miles north of the prediction and we are now expecting 2 to 4 inches in my location. I think we have hit the 2 inch mark already so lets see how much more we do get. Have a good day and enjoy our winter wonder land.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The noises that occur in a house

You know.... My house does not make sounds. I never hear anything or at least I did not until M moved out. Now I am hearing all kinds of noises. Things falling and bumping noises that are not just in the dark. These noises are going on even in the daylight. B and M have tlod me that hey think the house has ghosts but I know there are noe such things as ghosts. However when things begin to fall off tables and dishwashers when I am in the computer room and no one else is home, it kinda makes you wonder. ???