Thursday, April 12, 2012

45 days off my foot.

Boy! I did not know 45 days would seem like a year. On Feb. 20th tis year I fell off a low step and broke my foot. I didn't think it was hurt bad so I walked on it for three days before I went to the doctor for x-rays on the 23rd. He took one look and scheduled me for surgery the next day at noon. Quickest I have ever been scheduled for surgery. He inserted 2 screws and the saga began. You don't realize how much you can't do until you try to go down steps without falling or go back up steps without putting your foot down.

We got a knee walker to get around on flat surfaces and it really was a God send. I really got so I could speed on that little contraption. I scared myself the last day I had to use it. I left the doctor's office and decided I could get to K's car and off I went. Oops, a slight hill and I forgot I had hand brakes. almost. Slowed that baby down just in time to avoid a collision with K's car.

I got out of the walking cast on Sat. the 14th and have enjoyed being on two feet ever since. I have to much to do to have to be on that silly knee walker.

I had to go to see my primary care doctor yesterday and had planned to return the walker. However my car decided that the only place it wanted to go was right where it was parked in the doctor's parking lot. It would not start. I had to call B. to come get it started and then he found the right front tire was flat and it has a nail in it. So now I have to wait to get a new battery and get the tire fixed so I am stuck at home again for several days. Maybe I just need to relax and prod my boys to get the yare cleaned up. Hope you all have a happy day.