Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pleasant company

This weekend I have had the most pleasant company. My daughter is in from Arkansas and it is great spending time with her and her hubby. We visited with my husband's sister yesterday and enjoyed catching up on family news. Today we will be with my brothers and sister for a while and then on to my youngest daughter's house for some more memoriy making. Not much today but will try to update anyone who is following me here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

45 days off my foot.

Boy! I did not know 45 days would seem like a year. On Feb. 20th tis year I fell off a low step and broke my foot. I didn't think it was hurt bad so I walked on it for three days before I went to the doctor for x-rays on the 23rd. He took one look and scheduled me for surgery the next day at noon. Quickest I have ever been scheduled for surgery. He inserted 2 screws and the saga began. You don't realize how much you can't do until you try to go down steps without falling or go back up steps without putting your foot down.

We got a knee walker to get around on flat surfaces and it really was a God send. I really got so I could speed on that little contraption. I scared myself the last day I had to use it. I left the doctor's office and decided I could get to K's car and off I went. Oops, a slight hill and I forgot I had hand brakes. almost. Slowed that baby down just in time to avoid a collision with K's car.

I got out of the walking cast on Sat. the 14th and have enjoyed being on two feet ever since. I have to much to do to have to be on that silly knee walker.

I had to go to see my primary care doctor yesterday and had planned to return the walker. However my car decided that the only place it wanted to go was right where it was parked in the doctor's parking lot. It would not start. I had to call B. to come get it started and then he found the right front tire was flat and it has a nail in it. So now I have to wait to get a new battery and get the tire fixed so I am stuck at home again for several days. Maybe I just need to relax and prod my boys to get the yare cleaned up. Hope you all have a happy day.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving it

This past week, I was blessed to be able to keep my two youngest grandchildren for two days as their daddy was in training. They came home and mama called to tell us we would need to go to J.'s firtst basketball meeting as she was just leaving Nicolasville and the meeting started in less than 30 minutes. Now I have not driven at night for over a year because I have trouble seeing at night.

J,ever helpful, decided to take me the back way to the church where it was to be held. It was very nice scenery going the back way in pouring rain. She said that I needed to be careful because when we would meet a car the driver of said car would be in the very M I D D L E of the road. I made up my mind that I would go back home the long way . J told her mom that Grammy (that's me) only drove 15 miles an hour.

What's the big deal? I got them home safely and that was all that mattered. I think J wanted me to go fast like her mom amd daddy do.

It makes my heart sing when I say goodbye because they don't want me to go. Yeah for little girls who love their Grammu\y.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I am lousy at keeping this blog going but sometimes I do think of something I want to say.

Folks, we have a very important election coming up and I think it is critical that we all get out and vote. We as Christians need to pray about our decision to vote our choice. I don't care who you vote far but it is important to execise our right to vote. For so many years I have watched our election days come and go and so few of our citizens go vote. What is up with that. If you don't have a way to the polls, call someone. I am sure that people would love to give you a ride to the polls.

Remember we get the one who wins the most votes(lol) so get out and let your voice be heard.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been watching it snow today. It is pretty but not a lot of snow on the ground. It has been too warm for snow to stick.
Now if it gets colder and snows some more tonight we might wake up to white instead of the brown yards. I am just glad I don't have to get out in it.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

As 2011 ends, my wish for all of us is for peace on earth, jobs for everyone, shelter and all the things that are needed to keep us safe, dry, warm and well fed.

Be sure to follow God's path for you and will be comforted, blessed and your life will be filled with blessings. My life has been richly blessed with my three children, my 11 grandchildren, at least 5 great grand children and 3 great great grandchildren.
How much fuller can any ones life get. I love Jesus. He who had to die for us to be able to live with Him in enternity.



Thursday, December 22, 2011

42 years ago today

42 years ago this morning at 3 something, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl. We named her Kathryn Anne and she has been a blessing in our family ever since. My prayer at her birth was for happiness in her life and health and good fortune. Little did I know when I prayed for health for her that we would spend the first 3 years of her life battling one thing after another with her health. However when we had her tonsils out at age three all that changed and she has been quite health since then.

Happiness shines in her face everyday as she loves her family, her job and every thing and everyone she comes in contact with. I have watched as she grew up into the fine Christian young lady she has become and thank God every day for the testimony her life shows every minute. So today on her birthday I wish her the best of life and that today will hold blessings from above and fun with her family and friends. God bless you Kathy and thanks for making our family coomplete. Love you bunches.