Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today has been one of the longest days ever. It seems like it should bepast midnight and it isn't even 12 yet. Was busy today with friendship International. Showing ladies how to make a project and having a mistake that you couldn't find is very frustrating. One of the young ladies was making a ripple poncho and we had too many stiches left over at the end of the row. We counted, looked and recounted befor we realized the mistake was at the very beginning and had to rip out two rows of work. When we finally got the count right the project looked right and when we go back next Wednesday, I know that M will have the ponco completed.

I have decided to make some baby booties and have just started the first lacy bootie. I have been trying to make this bootie since the first of the year and have not been successful. However, I am going to make these booties and they will look neat. Thanks for reading if anyone is reading this. Just random thoughts tonight. Bed is calling so off I go.

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Doug and Terrye said...

I've been working on an afghan for over a year! It seems like every time I get into a groove something comes up to divert my energies.
Also, I opened my blog up, and would love to have you come back to visit.