Friday, January 25, 2008

Second try at posting on my blog

I have had a time getting back to where I can add to the blog. I would like to tell you what my daughter's oldest child said the other day. Joy is from Hunan Province in China and has been in the US since 2003. Her mommy was sick this week and she was feeling a little left out because Mommy couldn't play with her. So she decided to compliment my daughter.
Joy told her that her momminest was the best. It was worth 152,000,000. Kathy said well is that 152,000,000 kisses and Joy said no. Kathy then asked if that was 152,000,000 hugs and again Joy said no. Then she said that it was 152,000,000 dollars mommy. Isn't that the cutest thing. It is amazing what some of our grandkids come up with.
I am still not able to get pics up yet. Will soon put pics of the youngest, Hailey's 2nd birthday.,

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