Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adoption for grandparents

I have not been very good about things that are special to me or things that are deeply emotional. I just read a blog from an adoptive mother and it made me think. Saturday is Birth Mother Day for adoptive mothers. I am not the one who has adopted a child but I have adopted two granddaughters. I know what it is like to have biological grandchildren and love each one of them because of who they are and what they will become. However, to know that two little girls came to our family from a mother who loved her child so much she left her where she would be found,is mind-boggling to me. My daughter has become a mother two times over because a mother or rather two mothers in China put their precious little baby girls where they were found quickly.

Now the reason for this blog is that two sets of grandparents in China have an empty place in their hearts while their granddaughters are filling the empty places in the hearts of two grandmothers and a grandfather in America. God has blessed me and the other grandparents exceptionly by the girls who have come to us by way of adoption. I am amazed by the hugs, kisses, and smiles on their faces each time I go to visit them. That these two precious girls call me Grammy is a blessing from God.

Sunday is Mother's Day for my daughters and so I will be thinking of the mothers who gave up their children so my youngest could experience motherhood. God bless these two mothers and give them comfort as they face another year without their little girls.


Mrs. Claus said...

Wow, I never thought of it from the grand-parent's point of view before.

Mrs. Claus said...

I gave you something on my blog. Happy Mother's Day.