Friday, August 13, 2010

The end of one of life's phases

This year has been a roller coaster ride from the beginning to the present. After the Christmas break my grandson M who lives with me decided to not return to school. He was through, not interested, and just being a real hard headed tennager about it until his dad visited the school and found out that if he would buclke down he could graduate. So in all the drama, M did return to finish his senior year. Or should I say attempt to finish the year.

You know, my kids were sometimes rebellious and hard headed but M takes the cake. We were constantly having to remind him to go to bed, get up, get to school, and to make a long story short, just graduate. Did he? No way. He played at school, being late was the norm in his life. Because of this he was told he could get his diploma but not walk in the graduation line.

We thought he was just going to have to work in jobs that were menial because he just did not care, we thought. To our amazement, M. enrolled in the alternative school in our county this year. He can work at his own pace in this school and can complete his missing credits quickly. (He only lacks 1/2 credit in English.) If he finishes the course before the end of the year and he will he will get a letter for him to have to show that he has graduated and then at the end of the year he can walk in the graduation line and receive the coveted piece of paper that shows he did finish. Praise the Lord!

Now if he can really decide to get with the program and be on time every day maybe he can get a job that has a future or maybe He. Will. Dicide. To. Go. On. With. His. Education. Fingers crossed and in constant prayer that he will make the committment to further his education.

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