Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanks be to God

Today I am very thankful for so much that has happened in our home since I last blogged. It has been hard to put into words what I have been feeling about what was going on in my home.

First, I am thankful that I had a young man brought into my home who had been homeless for several month. Even though he broke a major rule and was asked to move out, I did enjoy having him here. S. was a talker and I mean he talked. He talked from the time he got up in the morning til he went to school and after he came home until he went to bed. I don't know if he talked that much in school but I don't see how he could not talk.

He was so down after I had to ask him to leave but one good thing came from his stay. He has gone back home to live with his mom. He is still attending school so am praying that he will graduate.

Another young man moved in with us to rent out our basement. He was paying his rent so I thought everything was great until he was arrested. When I found out why, he was also asked to leave. He had been very helpful in running errand for me but what he was picked up for was major illegal business. His rent was paid up to th 15th and he was asked to have his things out by then. He came by yesterday and picked up a jar of molasses and that was all he took. I guess he did not believe us so I think his belongings will go into my garage which is getting fuller instead of being emptied so I can get my car in it.

Michael did finish high school and he is in the process of moving out. Please pray for him to get a job.

I am thankful for all these experiences I have had this year because it opened my eyes to the many things our grandcheldren and their friends are face with each and everyday in the world today.

Mostly I am thankful for my warm home, my family andd all my friends who make my life filled with joy even when I can't get out to see them. God bless each of you who have made my life filled with happinest but especially to myLORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WHO DIED THAT I MIGHT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.

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